Young children of the members and friends enthusiastically awaited the Easter Bunny (Filip Pintar, F. Gombač, Lojze Kovačič or Peter Lenarčič) with every Easter Monday, when the door openend at 12pm since 1974. Together with the children we were all happy about this annual event. From the children’s playground, where children looked for the hidden chocolate Easter eggs – compete to find the most Easter eggs, the members move to the dance floor in the hall to continue the celebration with the tables full of Easter time traditional Slovenian foods (potica, pršut, horse raddish, real Easter eggs). We are always determined to keep the Slovenian traditions of Eastertime.


First celebration of Miklavž – St Nicholas was in year 1974. The celebration continued every year in early December (first weekend). Young children receive gifts and in year 1974 St. Nicholas arrived by plane – very exciting (Mr Bill, the former owner of the land). Children were at first affraid of St Nicholas, but have soon realised, he was good and bringing them gifts. In later years St Nicholas arrived with the sleigh, drawn by two raindeers and was accompanied by the angels and devils. The angels were helping to distribute the gifts and the devils were warning the children to be, and remain, good. St Nicholas in past years was Matija Cimerman, later Lojze Kovačič and Filip Pintar.

Lucija Srnec
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