Every year since 1994  there is a Mass at the Planica hall to remember the late members of Planica. On the stage an altar is prepared on a white cloth covered table, embroidered by the late Lenčka Bergoč. Next to the altar we set a board with the names and photos of the late members, as well as candles. We remember the members, who contributed their love and their time into the building and running of the club. The Mass is well attended every year. The Masses are offered by the Slovenian Franciscan priests in Melbourne.

For the Corpus Christi Procession at the Slovenian Religious and Cultural Centre Kew, the Planica club prepares an outside altar, where, after the official church ceremony, the Prayers of the Faithfull are read by the Planica members and the people are following in a procession from altar to altar.

The members of Slovenian Association Planica attend some pilgrimages to the Slovenian chapel at Ta Pinu (Bacchus Marsh).

Meta Lenarčič

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