Slovenians in Australia have kept some of the Slovenian handcrafts traditiions since the arrival.

Ladies have produced many intricate works of Idrija lace, embroidery and cross stitch – all with love of the Slovenia that they left behind, bringing back the memories of the homeland.

In time of sadness they stiched ther pain into the unique patterns for families, friends – Slovenian and Australian, which they respected their talents.

They exhibited and demonstrated their works and skills at many multicultural festivals.

The men as well have created masterpieces in wood, clay and iron.

Slovenians in Australia are proud of their heritage: the history, literature, culture and customs.

Yes, Slovenians are a proud nation – they carry the Slovenian traditions and respect with pride in their hearts.

In past years the Slovenian language schools were established in Australia.

Slovenian Writers and Poets excelling in prose and poetry

Dr Elizabeth Tomažič released the From Hearts and Hands cookbook, which has favourite recipes from Australian Slovenian cooks

The Slovenian Drama groups were established.

The Slovenian Folkdancing groups were established.

Keeping Slovenian songs and music alive – Katarina Vrisk’s Anthology of Australian Slovenian Musicians is not available in digital form

Slovenian Composers in Australia:  Ashley Hribar   Adrian Vatovec  Alojz Vatovec   Josip Šterbenc

The craft exhibitions were a major contribution to many cultural events.

And a beekeeping classes were introduced.

Slovenian Handcrafts Exhibition at Slovenian Festival 2008

Idrija Lace and Embroidery artists   Marija Brne  Marija Uršič  Anica Kodila  Kirstin Prosek

Andrej Potočnik    images     The art of Turning

Frank Jelovčan – wood carving (he died in 2017)

Ron Gomboc   – sculptures in copper, iron, alluminium, granite, stainless steel     Sculpture park

The Late Milan Majcen – Lectova srca (gingerbread hearts) – confectioner, who for many years made many hearts for various Slovenian celebrations and multicultural festivities

Slovenian Adult Language Class – Dražgoški medeni kruhki (honey bread) made them in the class

Vinko Rizmal and an Old Slovenian vine

Zvonko Kostov and Wrought Iron fences and gates WotsOKservice  and  Garage doors and stairs

Slovenian Pumpkin Seed Oil – Sharan Rivett (West), Helen, Viki and John West –  Australian Pumpkin Seed Company – their story,    Farm and Factory

Ciril Kovac and his Gemstones  –  Hand of Faith Gold Nugget      Gems and Minerals

The inventor Marjan Krajnc and SpikeMaster 1000

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