Jože arrived by plane to Sydney on the April 24th 1970.He had an uncle in Australia and stayed with him until he settled in his own home.In 2011 the family moved to Rye, Mornington Peninsula, Victoria.

He has grown up with bees: his Father, his brother, his uncle and aunty – all have bees. His teacher and advisor was also Valentin Lenko.  

Jože has 2 beehives at his property at Rye for the last seven years. The bees he houses are the Italian bees.

Being close to the Port Phillip Bay, the winters are mild and he needs no special preparation for the cooler months.  

His beehive are nested beautifully in the garden setting, circled with flowering plants, bushes and fruit trees and with various flowering gums, as well as Narrow-leaf Peppermint Eucalyptus radiata. 

Most of his bees feed on the tea-tree bushes, giving him the exquisite Australian Manuka, Eucalyptus, mixed flowers and citrus honey. His bees produce up to 200kg of honey per year. Most of the honey he gives to the family, friends and as private sales.

At times he prepares propolis tincture as well.  

Jože loves bees – they are his passion now and they contribute to his peaceful and relaxing time. He hopes to be in good health to keep on caring for his family and bees.  

“We took some of our honey to Slovenia to family and friends.They loved it.They said to me that it was the best honey they have ever tasted!”

Recorded by Draga Gelt


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Photography by Katy Stopajnik and Draga Gelt