“I arrived to Australia in 1961.

I have started working with bees in 2010. My teacher was Valentin Lenko.

I am a member of Beekeeping Association in Victoria and the Southern Beekeepers Club at Frankston.

Currently I have 7 beehives with Carniolan Grey bees.

My bees feed in Frankston area, on local flora.

During winter they are housed in my garden.

The amount of honey they produce varies from year to year.

I prepare propolis with alcohol at times – not for sale.

I sell my honey – mainly mixed (floral, Tea tree and chesnut) to friends and give it as presents to the family.

On occasions, I take the bees to various pastures in the Mornington Peninsula.

I like the Carniolian Grey bees the best.


Why I started with beekeeping?

I wanted real honey and having the bees, I know, I acquire the very best my bees produce – real, natural honey.

The beekeepers consider Slovenia as the “Mekka čebelarstva – The Mecca, the Holy place of the beekeeping”.

I plan on caring for my bees as long as it is possible and loving it.”

Franc Saksida

The village Dornberk is a village in western Slovenia, Municipality of Nova Gorica. The Slovenian name comes from German Dornberg, meaning “thorn hill”.    more on Wikipedia



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