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Local radio station 3MA has offered me and my Croatian friend Vera Klaric in 1985 to continue with the Yugoslav Radio Program, after the retirement of long time presenter late Ivan Dolenec, which he presented only in Medžimurski dialect. We wished to separate our radio time into Croatian and Slovenian time, but the local radio station manager was not agreeable to have any nationalistic involvement, therefore we did it ourselves, even if we had to continue under the name of »Yugoslav program«. At the end of 1990, a new HOT FM radio station opened up with the wide multicultural program and here we had finally an opportunity to separate in to independent Croatian and Slovenian Radio Time.

Despite being a small local community, our Slovenian Radio program in Mildura lasted from1985 to 2000, lead by volunteer Jožica Gerden with occassional helpers (Metoda in Frank Štrubelj, Nada Plut, Diana Tonc), until we were able to connect with national wide Slovenian broadcasting service-SBS from Melbourne and Sydney.

Slovenian Time was a part of the multicultural Radio Broadcasting Service of “Sunraysia Community Radio Program” on frequency 106.7 FM Mildura, Victoria, 90.7 FM Wentworth and Robinvale in NSW. Since 2000 it broadcasts automatically national SBS.

SLOVENIAN LANGUAGE PROGRAM on Community Radio program on frequency 106.7FM, Mildura, Victoria, 90.7FM Wenthworth and Robinvale is now merged with the Radio SBS, Melbourne and Sydney

Sunraysia Community Radio, Mildura:
Tune into 106.7FMmhz.

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