Slovenian Australian Social and Sporting Club JADRAN was established on October 17, 1971.

A need for a new Slovenian club arose from the fact that the traveling distances to visit other Slovenian clubs in the Melbourne district were too great. Many of the Slovenians living on the Western side of Melbourne were from the Primorska and Primorska is on the seashore of the Adriatic Sea - Jadran sea) then the logical name was 'jadran.

In 1971, a Committee was formed, and Mr. Alojz Valenčič was choosen as the first President.

A Constitution was drafted with the aims of the Club to be a non-political, nonsectarian, social, cultural and sporting association for the benefit of its members.

Through volunteer work, donation of goods and materials and fund raising Activities, the first 5 acres with a house on it were purchased and the first hall, named KIRNOVA KOČA (Kirn's hut) was built. With the increasing number of members and visitors it became apparent that facilities were too small.

In 1980 we, the Club members, started to build a new, big hall under the leadership of President Franc Likar.

For benefits of its members, playing areas were provided: soccer, bocce. tennis, basketball etc. In 1978, a Jadran men's choir was formed. In 1982 they performed overseas. Later on, they joined forces with singers from the other Slovenian clubs and changed name to Planika. They often performed at diverse venues in Victoria and interstate. Conductors were: Vladimir Trampuž, Hugo Povh and Rolland Carmody.

In 1979, a monument to great Slovenian poet Oton Župančič was unveiled. At the same time there was opening of a new library names after another Slovenian poet from Primorska region, Srečko Kosovel. Valentin Brecelj is responsible for library.

In 1983 first soccer team was organised by the Club and another 5 acres of land was purchased for a soccer ground. Also, a ladies Soccer team was successful in the Ladies Soccer Federation. Most dedicated to soccer section were: T. Poklar, T. Zanetič, D. Vlah, L. Lipec, Derry Maddison, R. Vitez, M. Kneževič, A. Štolfa and others.

In 1984, Club's President was I. Valenčič and secretary Maria Iskra, who started with printing club's newsletter and Calendar. It didn't last long, but in 1995, Club's President Slava Crooks started printing a new Zvon newsletter. The Calendar, until present, is still an important part of the Club.

In 1986, the Club's bocce players expressed their desire for a larger, covered bocce ground. This was erected the very same year, and now there are covered building with 6 lanes for bocce playing. Players also played in two Bocce Federations.

Representatives for bocce players were: F.Iskra, S. Juriševič, R. lskra in J. Dekleva.

The Slovenian language school was formed from the very start. First and main teacher was Mrs. Ivanka Škof. Helping were: V. lskra, A. Zorzut, Zora, Danila, Valentin Brecelj, Viki Mrak and Dino Rupnik.

Bus trips were organised by Slava Crooks, then by Marta Ogrizek and finaly by Romana Žetko.

Every 8 years Jadran club is a host for Slovenian Festival organised by the Council of Slovenian Organisation of Victoria.


Committee Members 1971 to 2016

Jadran Information Newsletter 1984

Book by Maria Iskra JADRAN

20th Anniversary of Jadran 1991 

President Valenčič Note 1984

Newspaper Triglav (Sydney) published articles and photos of Jadran activities and celebrations


1. Social Life at Jadran 
2. Cultural Life at Jadran
3. Sporting Life at Jadran
4. Multicultural involvement of Jadran
5. Museum and the Exhibitions


Do you know that Slovenian Club Jadran has every year a very succesful Mascerade Dance - PUST CARNIVAL with many people participating?

On Februar 17th 2018 is on again in the early evening. Come and enjoy!


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