“I am a full time professional machine  embroiderer for the last 28 years starting small and growing -still only me…. now  with Roman as my helper when needed.Roman is a better cook than I and cooks all meals as long as it is savoury (NO SWEETS…only apple strudel when the apples are ripe ).I cook other sweets.

He also cooks tomato sauce when tomatoes are ripe and preserves fruit and makes jam from the fruit trees. I work from a workshop outside of our house which is on a large block.

Other than providing for sporting clubs, tradies and businesses, and anyone that needs embroidery i like to produce challenging and different pieces  for my own satisfaction.

I love it when customers bring me a new interesting logo.

I have thousands of logos.

Some belong to me, but most belong to customers.

I probably embroider for a big percentage of clubs on the EYRE PENINSULA and quite a few business and trades.I am always busy and don’t need to advertise.I am here if anyone has an embroidery design they need on something: do clothing, caps, bags, linen and anything that will fit on my machine(even had a go at my finger once!!!! …… had to fix) Before this business I was shore manager  for our fishing business we had for 18 years.

I made much of our 3 children’s clothes, raced around between school, kindy, kids and grand kids, tended our acre block with fruit trees veg garden assortment of chickens, ducks, and at times, pet rabbits, guinea pigs, lambs, birds, lizards.

I also dabbled in knitting, crochet, cross stitch, quilting, screen printing.

I even made a full size Slovenian flag for our street flag poles when Slovenia became independent and caused a bit of interest at the timesome good, some not quite.

I turned my hand at most thing from painting the house to digging a hole if need be, but haven’t got around to doing bobbin lace.

I have also made my husband’s Slovenian national costume. I am very proud of it and so is Roman, my husband.”

by Kristin Prosek

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