“I arrived to Australia in 1959.

I started with bees in 1998.France Križman of St. Albans and Stanko Starc from Slovenian Club Jadran for many years.

I am a member of Beekeeping organisation and have attaended the Beekeeping Festival at Jadran for many years.

My 2 beehives I keep in my urban backyard.

My bees are the Italian bees.

IN winter the bees are housed under cover in the Langstroth type boxes – 2 per hive.

The honey harvested depends on the year and varies.

My bees produce a mix of urban flowers and flowering local trees, mainly native.

I have always been a hands-on gardener and handy man.

Beekeeping is an extension of that and has become a hobby of mine.

It keeps my mind, body and spirit busy, which I enjoy.

For a man in my 80’s, I don’t really have any plans.

I just hope that I can continue a past time I enjoy for as long as I can.”





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