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The Slovenian Radio program in Brisbane came alive in 1979. The founder was F. Milner with Marija Andreis. Many radio presenters and technicians worked in the studio since very beginning. First in the rented place until the current building was erected. There are talks about updating and expanding the radio station with inclusion of the FM network. The Slovenian programs used to be on Saturday evenings, later twice a week as well.

The Slovenian Radio program team works closely with the Slovenian Association Planinka. They have the same mission as the Planinka Association.

The Slovenian radio program is funded with the memberships, Radiothon and sponsors. All the presenters are volunteers.

The team needs to pay for the general necessities and the security.  Many years a special fundraising functions were organized.

The members of the Slovenian Radio Program Team during the years were: Robert Bizjak, conveyer and representative of the team, He has a Diploma of an operator, together with Jože Vah and Anica Cuderman. With Robert cooperate as well Margaret Carman and Anthony Horvat.

The Radio programs are presented on alternative days by Jože and Albina Vah, Anica and Mirko Cuderman and Robert Bizjak with Marica Podobnik.

The AIM: Radio team believes, the Slovenian programs have about 600 listeners, 50 members with paid membership ($20.00 per annum).

Radio 4EB was at first at AM 1053. The “4EB program” is intended for the Slovenians that moved to Australia a long time ago. It offers news from Slovenia, announcements from our Australian-Slovenian clubs and of course a lot of Slovenian music. It shares birthday wishes and music requests.

The Slovenian radio program started airing on “Radio 4EB FM” in ???.
The “Global Digital program ” is intended for younger listeners. We are offering newer songs from newer artists and other news from Slovenia. This program is still in development and we are still getting fresh ideas from the audience.
To listen to the latest broadcast, follow this link;

The Slovenian Brisbane 4EB FM Radio Program team:

Multicultural Radio for Brisbane, Queensland:
Tune into FM 98.1 mhz.

On-Air/Programs:    Tuesday at 6.00 – 6.45pm

                                Saturday at 3.00 – 5.00pm  (Global)

                                Saturday at 6.00 – 7.00pm

With the introduction of digital broadcasting 4EB now simulcast the FM service on digital radio.

Listen to Slovenian program in Slovenian language and read the news in English  

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