Ladies Auxiliary Section

An extremely valuable section of our club has always been our Ladies’ section.  It is this group that takes care that everyone is well nourished and attended to.  During the most active period of the club’s history, it was common to cater for up to 80 volunteers on any one Sunday.  It was this group that catered for our dinner dances, weddings, picnics, meetings, sporting competitions, working bees and on regular Sundays. In the past, the preparation of food required the baking to be done at someone’s home, then the goods to be consumed were donated to the club.

At one stage every member was rostered to be on duty.  However, this is no longer required due to fewer functions and ageing members.  Catering is still based on voluntary labour, but lately, is limited to an available few who are still willing to donate their valuable time. Over the years, involvement in the club’s activities has fostered many firm and lasting friendships.

Anica Markič


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