Janez has been involved and owned bees for over 50 years.

As soon as he came to the Australia, to the Migrant hostel at Kew, where Fr Basil Valentin OFM MBE had a migrant hostel with more than 40 young men. Janez had some bees near the hostel

After relocating to Northern Victoria, to Mildura, to a farm, he continued with beekeeping and enjoying it very much.

Janez has participated at the International praising of the honey and has received two Diplomas issued by the Beekeeping Association of Semič:

1. Diploma with the Gold Acknowledgement for his Orange blossom honey on 21st October, 2006 in town Semič, Bela Krajina - White Carniola.

2. He received as well Diploma and Gold Acknowledgement for his Eucalyptus flower honey on October 21, 2006, in town Semič, Bela Krajina - White Carniola.


Recorded by Jožica Gerden


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Photo - Jožefa - Pepca Plut and Jožica Gerden