Forty years ago a group of Slovenians had an unofficial meeting in the garage of Stan Lesnjak with a wish to establish Slovenian club on the SE part of Melbourne. The roots of this meeting became a reality in year 1972. The first Committee members were: President:  Martin Uršnik; Vice President:  Stane Vrtačič; Secretary:  Martin Pajmont; Secretary Assistant:  Jernej Podbevšek, Treasurer:  Ivan Troha;  Committee Members: Stane Lešnjak, Ivan Marinič, Lojze Šuštar, Oto Verdenik, Srečko Namar, Vito Benčič, Milan Grizenič, George Ferligoj, Milan Ostrouška.

In September 1972 the very first meeting was called, with 52 enthusiastic Slovenians have founded the club Planica (the name suggested by Martin Uršnik).
In year 1973, in November, the land was purchased.
In 1974 the building committee was established. The barracks on the land were transformed into the kitchen and the Slovenian language school, where more than 70students were enrolled. We came together as one big family.
The bocce group was established in 1975 and the bowling alleys were built on the open land.
The mothers’ section took care of the school, the workers and the visitors

In 1976 there were youth competitions in valleyball, soccer and tennis, as well as chess, table tennis.
In year 1977 we participated at the Australia Day Festival in Dandenong. We participated with the Slovenian music, folk dancing and traditional Slovenian foods and have accomplished -attained a great respect among the Australian audience and other participating nationalities.
It was very busy in the working group: the children’s aground was built and the tennis courts were prepared for the competitions. Other sports were introduced as well.
Which groups and who were the leaders?
The children of Slovenian school have performed at many cultural programs and made the audiences happy.
The plans for the new building were organised: for a new hall, dining room, kitchen and all other necessary rooms as toilets, showers, office etc.
Novice were published from 1977 to 1979. The main contributor and the editor was the then teacher of Slovenian school Mrs Lucija Srnec.
In year 1979 the club received a building permit and the work started with the delivering of the materials.
Until 1981 all the dances and gatherings were in the sheds, dances in the big tents
In year 1981 the concrete plate was poured.
In year 1982 the brick work started.

Other achievements:
Establishment of Slovenian language school and encouragement for the cu.tural development
Establishment of folkdancing groups
Establishment of music bands
Establishment of bowling section
Establishment of hunters and anglers section
Birth of the newsletter Novice
Election of the first female president of a Slovenian club in Australia
Completion of the asphalt parking area
Organisation of cultural program’s and social dances
Celebration of Mothers and Fathers Days

Lucija Srnec, Meta Lenarčič and Ivanka Kolačko 

1. Presidents and Committee members from 1972 to 2013
2. Planica TIMELINE
3. Social Life at Planica
4. Cultural Life at Planica
5. Sporting Life at Planica
6. Multicultural involvement of Planica
7. Museum and the Exhibitions

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