The dances were organised soon asfter the establishment of the Planica club. The dances were held in a tent. In year 1975 there was a huge dance with a theme of Vinska trgatev – Grape Harvest. Some dances were held in winter days at the Clayton hall. Dances were organised for the Shrovetide festival – Pustovanje,  with the best masks receiving the prizes. The special – traditional Slovenian Shrovetide food was prepared by the ladies in the kitchen.

Annually there were dances for Mothers’ and Fathers’ Days, picnic dance on Easter Monday and for Boxing Day, as well as for St Nicholas celebrations. The largest and most attended were the New Years’ Eve dances and every time, when a Slovenian band was visiting and performing.

Pustovanje is organised every year with many members and friends participating as maškare – dressed in Pust masks and the mest masks are awarded with a prize.

Lucija Srnec

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