The hunters and anglers of Slovenian Association Planica have often organised picnics at Cardinia Reservoir with rich food on a BBQ in lovely surroundings and a good drop of drinks.  The attendance was by the members’ families and friends from the suburbs of Melbourne. In the afternoon the bocce was played on the grass, some were playing cards and some danced to the Slovenian tunes played on a accordion.

Some members of Planica form a walking group every Wednesday at Braeside Park and Lysterfield Lake Park or Jells Park at 10am and they enjoy an hourly walk through the park to keep in good health. After the return a lunch from own bag is eaten, then play cards or Bingo. There is no end to conversations, laughter and humour. We forget the daily worries and we collect the energy for the following week. During the winter months there are no organised walks, but some walkers are persisting and brave the rainy days as well. Most of the time in Winter we walk in Jells Park, where the facilies offer tables and chair under cover.

Slavka Gorup and Meta Lenarčič

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