The Library was established in 1974. It consists of 400 books, mainly in Slovenian language of Slovenian authors and some English books. The members can borrow books when the club premises are open.

First librarian was Lucija Srnec and was assisted by Lidija Lapuh and later Slavka Gorup.

In the sports precinct there is a Hunters’ room and the Archive room with the collections of paintings, photographs, handcrafts, Slovenian national costume, wooden souvenirs and many other interesting objects.

In year 2009 the acid free, metal free and adhesive free archival boxes and albums were purchased. The archival boxes are full of sorted documentation for the years 1972 to 2012 and the work is continuing. The archival room is built specifically with the fire resistant bricks to be safe in case of the fire. Up to now there are 30 boxes of documents and 2 albums of photographs prepared and sorted voluntarily by Lucija Srnec and Slavka Gorup.

A small grant was granted for the archival materials by the Office for Slovenians Abroad, Republic of Slovenia, for which we are grateful.

Lucija Srnec

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