In years 1975 to 1980 two childrens’ folkdancing groups were performing at club festivities, Dandenong Festival, Australia Day Fetival and Radio 3EA functions. The leader was Lucija Srnec, dancing mentor Draga Gelt.

Meta Lenarčič ran the adult and youth folklore groups at the Slovenian club, Planica in Springvale from 1986 till 2002.

Lenti Lenko OAM played the organ and  then the button accordion and in later years, cassettes were used..

Dances were mainly from Gorenjska, in Gorenjska national costume and also dances from Štajersko and Prekmurje.

The groups performed at all important club occasions, at the church centre at Kew, at Slovenian clubs in Melbourne, Geelong and at youth concerts at least twice at every venue; Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra and in Adelaide, for the Australian public at festivals at Dandenong, Oakleigh, at St John Vianney’s Church festival, Mulgrave ethnic dance festivals, 3EA Radio function, Geelong Festival, Wesley College, Greater Harmony Neighbourliness and Friendship and a Deeper Appreciation of Each Others Heritage, for the Sri Lankan Consulate – Sri Lankan National Day in Box Hill Town Hall, Springvale Community Festival, Springvale Carnivale.

Tilka Lenko also taught folkdancing at Planica with as many as 14 couples with Paula Smrdel assisting with the children.

Lucija Srnec and Meta Lenarčič

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