Music band TRIO : from 1974 –  Roman Franetič, Frenk Penko, Frenk Gombač

Band VELENJE: 1975 –  Ivan and Marjan Koroša, Marjan Garmix, F. Gombač and

Band VESELI PLANINCI – THE HAPPY MOUNTANIERS:  1976 –   Igor Tomažič, John Mamilovič, Branko Tomažič, Štefan Srnec jr. and Fabjan Klančič.  When they discontinue playing at Planica, they alse performed for other nations: Hunters Lodge, for Polish club, Chateau Wyuna and at the Slovenian Youth   concerts in Victoria and Canberra. Branko Tomažič becam a tri time Australian-Asian piano-accordion player and champion.

Quartet ZVON:  1978 –  Oto Verdenik, Zvonko Penko, Pavel Sedmak and Silvo Štefanec.

The Quartet Zvon performed at many concerts organised by the 3ZZZ Radio station, at the Melbourne Concert Hall, as part of the cultural program Slovenia House at the Sydney Olympics in 2000, at the Slovenian Religious and cultural Centre Kew. They have recorded its own record entitled ZVON.

Lucija Srnec and Slavka Gorup

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