St Nicholas Celebration

Social gatherings for Slovenians are very important. Since their arrival to Australia, they had a very strong need to gather, talk and sing in Slovenian language. They felt, the gatherings were like their second home: warm, welcoming, happy and reminiscing their youth.

Their children were mixing with other Slovenian children, having a go at the language at Slovenian school and performed for special events. It was hard for them to learn Slovenian poems and plays, but they put lots of effort in the performing.

They enjoy the folk dancing in national costumes from the Alpine region – Gorenjska (Carniola). They performed at the Geelong club, at some Australian schools and at the various multicultural festivals.

The Committee and members had many ideas how to name each dance and they decorated the hall to echo the theme and dressed to highlight each occasion

At some dances the visiting bands play from 8pm to well over the Midnight.

Slovenians love to dance and sing, and children are occasionally joining in as well.

There was a selection of Miss Slovenian – Geelong as well.

Miss Slovenia-Geelong 1983

Kitchen Staff

Very succesful Dances:

Cox Road Dance, 1956

Cox Road Dance 1965

Lyons Club Dance 1976

Boxing Day dances, Mothers’ Day and Fathers’ Day dances, Mother and Father of the Year

Masquerade – Pust
Slovenian Mass, every second Sunday of the month, followed by great lunch

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St Nicholas Celebrations

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