Slovenian Association Geelong, the members and the Committees, have always respected cultural performances and encouraged participation. The Slovenian school has organised and performed at many concerts, participated at the Slovenian Youth Concerts in Melbourne, Canberra, Adelaide and Sydney. The Slovenian Association Geelong was hosting a Youth Concert in Geelong as well .


A Choir was established in Geelong in very early years.

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Slovenian Association Geelong has participated at the Slovenski Tabor (Slovenian Festival) with cultural items and exhibits.

The Slovenian Male Choir “LojzeBratuž« was formed in 1950 –performed until 1954. ConductorAlojzFurlan
Male and female Choir was established in 1950 as the Church Choir. Conductor: AlojzFurlan. In 1954 the ladies joined the church choir. It is still singing at Slovenian Mass every second Sunday of the month except on 2 Sundays of the year when the Mass is at the “Ivan Cankar” Hall.
The choir participates at the cultural programs. Conductors: Sister SilvestraIfko (Kew), AlojzFurlan and StankaPeršič (Geelong)

The Cultural group from Slovenian Mission at Kew performed at Geelong with the religious Musical St Nicholas’ Eve – Miklavževvečer, when almost 50 singers and actors participated in lovely costumes in 1969. They were guests at the Geelong club and the children from Geelong joined the actors-singers.

First Cultural Program August 1954


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Musical St Nicholas’ Eve – Miklavževvečer

Slovenian Independence Day in January with Bonfire

Slovenian Independence Day is celebrated every year by a giant bonfire at the club premises with singing and dancing.
The club obtains special permits.

Choir in Geelong  

Adult Folk dancing Group

Slovenian Independence Day Celebrations with a Bonfire  

Participation at the Slovenian Festival – Slovenski Tabor – 4 times in Geelong
Slovenian Library – over 500 books in Slovenian language
SrečkoKontelj – Special Achiever

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