Cultural Life at SAM

Slovenians respect their history and are very proud of their nationality.

They respect the Slovenian language, their writers and poets. There is a love of reading books, watching a drama or a comedy, enjoying folk and symbolic dancing, recitals, singing and listening as well as playing music; reading in their Slovenian language magazines, newsletters especially the news about the different achievements of the community.

There are a few authors who are members of Slovenian Association Melbourne: Bert Pribac, author of the Bronasti tolkač, the first Slovenian book published in Australia; Draga Gelt: The Slovenians from the Earliest Times, Svet naših otrok – World of our Children. Golden Harvest and Beyond; the teachers: Draga Gelt, Magda Pišotek and Marija Penca: Učimo se slovensko 1, 2 in 3 – Lets Learn Slovenain Parts 1, 2 and 3; Draga Gelt: Znaš slovensko? – Do you know Slovenian? and Znaš slovensko?, Osnovna slovnična pravila – Do you know Slovenian?, Basic Grammar Rules; Poems Vse poti – All Paths, Marcela Bole – 3 collections of poems, Vika Gajšek – colection of poems, Milena Brgoč: Biography of Slovenian Literature; Vern Gomezel: Moje življenje – My Life.

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