In the first 20 years of the Club’s existence, there was a hive of activity organising activities of dance, social and cultural events.

  • Folk National Costumes – material purchased to make costumes with support from Father Basil, 1979
  • Vinska Trgatev – Grape Harvesting, 1979
  • Picnics at Mungabareena 1979
  • International Fair 1986 (part of Carnivale)
  • Annual Carnivale dance and bocce competitons
  • Back to Bonegilla, 1987
  • Slovenian Snežnik Club 10 year’s Celebration
  • Grape Harvest Festival 1988
  • St Jožef’s Day 1988
  • Bonegilla Reunion, 1997 (50th Anniversary)
  • Annual Carnivale and Club’s 20th Anniversary, 1997
  • Multicultural Festival, Albury
  • Bus trips to Melbourne, Adelaide, Canberra and Geelong
  • Annual Mother’s Day Lunch
  • Folk dance performances from Melbourne (Slovenian Association Melbourne School and Youth group)

by Mary Kromar


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