Official bowling (bocce) section was formed in 1972 under the leadership of Branko Žele, holding this position for 30 years.  Bowling, as such was already being played at Slovenski Dom in Carlton, though interest and following increased vastly once the lanes were constructed at Eltham.  Regular competitions were held amongst Victorian clubs and interstate, and included two visits to Slovenia.

Not to be outdone, the ladies also began to play and compete, as did the youth, for a number of years.

Competitions were initially held over two day weekends, with a dance on Saturday nights at various Slovenian clubs. No effort was spared.  Eventually this was reduced to one day competitions.  SDM enjoyed many successes and was envied by many.

A Federation was formed and enjoyed for many years.  It was one way for many gatherings and meetings up of people with similar interests and yearnings.

The Federation of Victorian Bowlers no longer exists. Interclub competitions are still organised occasionally but with a much smaller following.  It is obvious we are becoming an ageing population with younger generation showing very little enthusiasm for this sport.

Anica Markič

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