SYMBOLIC DANCINGTraditional folk and modern symbolic dances have been a huge entity of the Slovenian Association Melbourne’s Cultural Concerts throughout many years. In preparing for significant Cultural Concerts a theme is adopted and then songs, music, poetry, folk dances and symbolic dances are incorporated into the performances. By marrying all these, it gives the Concert its richness as well as it demonstrates the assimilation of the Slovenian – Australian culture.

Symbolism incorporated into modern dancing, enhances the theme by giving it a deeper understanding and appreciation of the presentation.

Children dancing to the music Puppet on a String demonstrated vivid puppet like movements in their dance.

In the Year of Peace concert, placards with words written on them were used by the children in their symbolic movements, demonstrating the passion of their message.

For the Slovenian Association’s 30th Anniversary the finale saw the use of symbolic movement, when a large group of teenage girls marching through the aisles, with streamers attached to a huge “cake”, and wheeling down the main aisle of the hall amongst the audience.

This indeed was a celebratory moment!

The 35th Anniversary depicted the goodbyes to every region of Slovenia and hello to our new homeland Australia.

In the 40th Anniversary was looking through the mirror at our Slovenian and Australian cultures.

For some cultural programs the Cancan was danced and Rock-and-Roll, as well as symbolic presentation of a wounded bird, YMCA aerobic dancing, Australian New Vogue ballroom dances, Viennese Waltz for the historical item, Walt Disney Characters Parade.

45th The jigsaw of all activities

50th Golden harvest represented the Harvest of achievements of the SAM.

55th “Over the rainbow” Each colour of the rainbow was linked to a symbolic movement using coloured ribbons; where the program entwined the poetry, songs, symbolic dance and individual instrumental item.

60th Anniversary – Diamond Jubillee in 2014.

Many ideas were by Draga Gelt, Magda and Natasha executed them.

Teacher: Magda Pišotek, 1980 – 2014

Teacher: Natasha Pišotek, 1999 – 2014

Magda Pišotek


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