Curators of the exhibitions:

The name of the curator of the very first exhibition is not recorded, but many years later the curators were Ivo Leber, Marjan Peršič and Anne Zemllic, with catalogue designs by Vasja Koman and Draga Gelt.

The exhibitions included many Slovenian artists born in Slovenia and surrounding countries, as well as the young Australian Slovenians, and sometimes international guests of Polish and Sri Lankan communities.

The exhibitions were mainly in Melbourne, but at times in Canberra, Wodonga, Geelong, Sydney and other places as well.


1977     1978     The Bridge Exhibition

Collection of paintings and Essays from the International Year of the Child 1979 Exhibition at Digital Library of Slovenia: World of Our Chuildren – Svet naših otrok compiled by Draga Gelt

The Art Exhibition Colours of Love – Barve ljubezni, June 2013

There were 23 artists exhibiting, 12 of them children from the age 6-12.

The judge and visiting artist was Monika Brunacky from the Australian Slovak Association.

The Winners of the Artists’ Awards were the following:

  • The Award of the Embassy of Republic Slovenia in Canberra for the painting When the War is OverMarie Hogan
  • Encouragement Award to the Slovenian artist of the 1st generation for the painting Near DimboolaJohn Kodrič
  • Encouragement Award to the Slovenian artist of the 2nd generation for the painting HelenaJohn Knap
  • Encouragement Award to the Slovenian artist of the 3rd generation for the painting Autumn GoldAshleigh Ryff
  • Peoples’ Choice Award 1st place went to Metka Skrobar for the painting Spring Fields of Slovenia
  • Peoples’ Choice Award 2nd place went to John Kodrič for the painting View from You Yangs
  • Peoples’ Choice Award 3rd place went to Luiza Debevec for the painting Victorian Country Scene


  • 6 years: best depiction of the topic (Butterfiies and Rainbow) Leah Mae Gelt, best tehnique (Fairy’s World) name anonymous
  • 7 years: best depiction of the topic (Rainbow) Daniel Bogovič, best technique (Untitled – Colours of Unconditional Love) Kaspar Ferra
  • 8 years: best depiction of the topic (Love) Evie Johnson, best technique (Sydney Harbour Bridge on a sunny dayname anonymous
  • 10 years (Flowers): Matthew Katsoulotos
  • 11 years (Bled): Marcus Bogovič
  • 12 years (Sunflower): Julia Markic Smith
  • Special acknowledgement to Marcus Katsoulotos for his Lego exhibits.


Essay and Lego Competition I am a Slovenian Too, 2014

The Essay and Lego Competition I am a Slovenian Too was staged in June 2014 at the Slovenian Association Melbourne.

Participants were children ages from 7 to 18 and adults.

The judges were Mrs Magda Pišotek (essays) and Mr Andrew Potočnik (Lego).


The Winners of the essays competition were:

Up to 7 years
Leah Gelt, 7             1st prize
Sienna Pišotek, 7     2nd prize
8-12 years
Alex Pišotek, 10       1st prize
Evie Johnson, 9        2nd prize
Mia Pišotek, 8           3rd prize
Daniel Bogovič, 8      commendable
Thomas Scott, 11      encouragement
13-17 years
Jeremy Ryff, 16        1st prize
Julia Markič Smith, 13    2nd prize
Lucas Hliš, 13           3rd prize
Natasha Žagar 16      encouragement
Zalika Rizmal             1st prize
Vivien Boosz Falež    2nd prize
Andrej Potočnik          3rd prize
Lenti Lenko                 highly commendable
Rachel Lenko             honourable mention
Sandra Krnel              commendable
Frances Ryff               commendable
Megan Lowe               commendable
Silvia Žele                   essay in Slovenian language
Ashleigh Ryff               encouragement

Up to 7 years
Sabrina Johnson        1st prize
Leah Gelt                    2nd prize
Oscar Krnel                 3rd prize
Sienna Pišotek            encouragement award
8-12 years
Marcus Katsoulotos    1st prize (extremely talented, master of the Lego)
Mia Pišotek                  2nd prize
Alex Pišotek                3rd prize
Evie Johnson              encouragement award
13-17 years
Jeremy Ryff                1st prize
Ashleigh Ryff              1st prize
Frances Ryff               2nd prize
Julija Čampelj             3rd prize

Draga Gelt

E-Book I am a Slovenian Too – Tudi jaz sem Slovenec/Slovenka

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