Karlo and Jenny Bole presented Slovenia at The Wesley Uniting Church, Geelong. Participating as well were: Rezika Seljak, Melinda Mrak, David Seljak, Julia Rasic and Dora Perger. Karlo and Jenny concluded with the following statements:

” . . . I spoke of the facts about Slovenia. I indicated that religion plays a big part in people’s lives still today and that Saint name days are celebrated more than actual birthdays. Families were large by normal standards and everybody went to church on Sundays with the wives and children occupying the pews and the gentlemen in their Sunday best standing at the back of the church.

I also mentioned that even though education is largely free in Slovenia including university there is very little opportunity to obtain a job in their chosen profession citing examples of two girl relatives who are qualified as a geologist and the other a secondary teacher in nutrition. They were working in aged care and as a barista respectively to make some money.

There was a short dvd shown and I had watched it the day before the ceremony. I made mention that in one scene there were people of all sex and age making their way and I pointed out that these would have been refugees and not particularly Slovenians.

Life is better in Slovenia however the weekly wage here in Australia is probably equivalent to the monthly wage / pension in Slovenia. There are better paying jobs but not everyone can secure one.”