“I am a primary school teacher – have completed Teachers College in Ljubljana,  Slovenia, teaching Slovenian language in Australia at Slovenian ethnic schools – Slovenian Slomšek School at Kew – for 4 years, established the school and taught over 20 years at the Slovenian school of Slovenian Association Melbourne, for 10 years at the Victorian School of Languages, 11 years teaching Adult Slovenian classes at Slovenian Religious and Cultural Centre, Kew; and since 2011 giving private lessons for Slovenian language.


Teachers College, Ljubljana, completed 1967

Mental Health Authority, Certificate, Ward Assistant,1969

The Council of Public Education, Registration as Primary Teacher, Section B, Victoria, 1970

Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT), Certificate of Technology, Cartography, Basic Language Computer Programming, Photogrammetry, Geology and Physical Geography, 1980 to 1982

Monash University, Computer sofware courses: Adobe programs as Illustrator, Photoshop, etc., Canvas, Map Info and others, 1985 to 1999

Box Hill Institute, Certificates, Macromedia Fireworks and Dreamweaver, Flash;  2000

Catholic University Melbourne: Theology and Theory of Pastoral Ministry, Certificate of Pastoral Care, 2001

Catholic Pastoral Formation Centre, Archdiocese of Melbourne: Graphics for Worship and Pastoral Care in Grief and Loss, 2000

Dementia Care AustraliaThe Spark of Life, Workshop, Certified Spark of Life Practitioner, 2013

VITS – Victorian Interpreting and Translation Services,  Interpreter and Translator for Slovenian Language, 2014

U3A – University of the Third Age:  Wisdom WithinPhilosophy, since 2015

          Creative Writing, since 2015

          Appreciating Australian Literature, 2016

All the years since 1968, I was a teacher and cultural animator, preparing numerous cultural programs with themes since 1979, have written many narrating texts, thought of symbolic ideas and assisted with choreography of symbolic finale; organised childrens’ exhibitions of paintings, posters and essays; directing plays; established, taught and led the Slovenian folk dancing groups, as well as doing the archival work at the Slovenian Religious centre at Kew until 2011, than at the Slovenian Association Melbourne.
I was employed at Monash University for 28 years as a cartographer and computer graphic artist, where I was involved with many palaeontological and other scientific books, world exhibitions and conferences, and secondary school science projects.
The list of my books is listed below.
I have contributed to the books: Mediterranean Europe Phrase Book – Lonely Planet; Life. Be in It. Book of
World Games by Jenny Robinson;  Slovenians in Australia by Keith Simkin and Irena Birsa, and contributed to the
Cosmopolitan  Melbourne: explore the world in one city by Jock Collins, contribution to Republic of Slovenia by Nevenka Golc Clarke, 1991; contribution to the Competition Slovenska izseljenska Matica, Slovenski koledar 1993, receiving equal second prize for poems Pot do poljan and Drobtine;  contribution of poetry to the book Fire in the Heart, The International Library of Poetry, 1999.

I have written many narratives for the symbolic cultural program presentations for special celebration at the Slovenian Religious and Cultural Centre, Kew, at the Slovenian Association Melbourne, furthermore for some very succesful Slovenian Youth Concerts in Melbourne: Kew, Planica, Geelong, Adelaide and Canberra, as well as scripts for the Drama group’s comedies and short comedy sketches, when the parts were adjusted, added or completely re-writen for the actors, as well as Mothers’ and Fathers’ Days programs, Christmas, Slovenian Cultural Day and anniversaries of the Slovenian Languages schools.
I enjoy writing and I have published many short stories and poems in the religious magazine Misli, Slovensko pismo, Glas Slovenije, on Slovenian Literature web page Locutio, and lately in the Horizons (University of the Third Age, Knox U3A)”.

OAM – Order of Australia Medal – for Cultural and Educational work in Slovenian Community in Australia, 1996

Republic of Slovenia, Zveza kulturnih organizacij, Občina Ljubljana Vič Rudnik – for participation to the development of Culture, Ljubljana, 1998

Editor’s Choice Award, The International Library of Poetry – for Outstanding Achievement in Poetry, 1999

Republic of Slovenia, Office for Slovenians Abroad – Acknowledgement for Cultural and educational work in Slovenian Community in Australia, 2001

Daffodil Day, Best Poetry Award – Cancer Council of Australia, 2001

Republic of Slovenia, Office for Slovenian Abroad – Priznanje in zahvala, 50th Anniversary of Slomsek School and launch of the book Chronicle of Slovenian schools and Slovenian Language Teachers in Australia; for teaching many years, cultural work and contribution to the Slovenian Community in Australia, 2010 

The Slovenian Language Manuals are used in Slovenians schools in Melbourne, Adelaide and Sydney since the publication; in Canada, and at the newly established Slovenian schools in Brisbane and Gold Coast, since 2015, as well as at the Slovenian Language school in Lemont, USA, since January 2016.


Books published: most are available as pdf files from Digital Library Slovenia (DLib)

1. World of Our Children – Svet naših otrok, collection of childrens’ essays and paintings,1979, 55 pages
2. Slovenians from the Earliest Times, history, 1985, 210 pages

3. Vse poti – poems in Slovenian, 1991, 158 pages

4. Chronicle, Disintegration of Yugoslavia – Kronika, Razpad Jugoslavije, with Stanka Gregorič, 1991, 10 pages

5. Republic of Slovenia, Nevenka Golc Clarke, contribution of Historical facts and maps, 1991

6. Zbornik referatov, Australian Slovenian Conference, Cultural Report, 1991

7. Mediterranean Europe Phrase Book – Lonely Planet, Slovenian contribution, 1992, 8 pages

8. Učimo se slovensko I – Let’s Learn Slovenian I, language manual for primary level I, with Magda Pišotek and Marija Penca,1992, 126 pages

9. Slovenians in Australia, Irena Birsa, Biographical Note, 1994

10. The ‘Life, Be in it’ Book of World Games, Wilma Bedford and Jenny Robinson, Slovenian games contribution, 1998, 14 pages

11. Znaš slovensko – Do you know Slovenian?, 1998, 280 pages

12. Znaš slovensko – Do you know Slovenian? Basic Grammar Rules and Excercises, 1998, 290 pages

13. Fire in the Heart, The International Library of Poetry, edited by R. J. Mitchell; poem Heaven, 1999

14. Učimo se slovensko II – Let’s Learn Slovenian II, language manual for primary level II, with Magda Pišotek and Marija Penca,1999, 140 pages

15. Učimo se slovensko III – Let’s Learn Slovenian III, language manual for primary level III, with Magda Pišotek and Marija Penca,1999. 140 pages

16. Cosmopolitan Melbourne: explore the world in one city, by Jock Collins, contribution about Slovenian community, 2001

17. Pax et Bonum – Mir in dobro, the presence of Slovenian Franciscan Priests and Nuns in Australia, 2001, 384 pages

18. Anthology of Slovenian Artists and Sculptors in Australia, with Lili Eggleston Tomažič; 2009, 396 pages

19. Chronicle of Slovenians Language Schools and Slovenian Language Teachers in Australia, 2010, 712 pages

20. Golden Harvest and Beyond – Chronicle of Slovenian Association Melbourne, 2010, 681 pages

21. From Dreams to Reality – Od sanj do resničnosti, Chronicle of Activities of Slovenians in Australia at the time of Slovenian Independence, 2011, 851 pages

22. I am a Slovenian too – Tudi jaz sem Slovenec/Slovenka, collection of Essays and Lego works, 2013, 94 pages

23. My Armful of Gifts – dedication to my family and thoughts, 2015, 43 pages

     Some Reviews:   Ivan Legiša    Danijela Hliš     Magda Hribernik     Mag. Helena Janežič, NUK, Ljubljana

24. Pot v Mt Everest Base Camp – Description of the Trek to Mt Everest Base Camp, 2015, 27 pages

     Some Reviews:    Mag. Helena Janežič, NUK, Ljubljana

25. Sanje o ljubezni – Dreams of Love – Meditations on theme Love, 2016,  94 pages, illustrations by Zorka Černjak.

      Some Reviews:  Prof Igor Maver     Dr Liz Tomažič      Marta Špes-Skrbiš     Ivan Legiša

26. Moč besed – The Power of Words, 2017- Selected cultural programs with Theme and Symbolism, 508 pages, with

      Magda Pišotek and Maria Penca

     Some Reviews:  Dr Edi Gobec, Ohio, USA     Dr Zvone Žigon, Office for Slovenians Abroad   

                                Mag. Fr Ciril A. Božič OAF OAM EV    Mag. Helena Janežič, NUK, Ljubljana


Some Short Stories and Thoughts:

Nobody poem   My Name is Neil


              Other texts:

Pantomine Kresniček – Firefly (adapted from a Musical story)

Slovenian Mission

Slovenski misijon

Slovenian Mission Adelaide: Gifts – at a Special Mass

Christmas in Slovenia, information web page with some traditional Christmas songs, 1999 (site removed since)

Slovenia, small booklet


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