Belinda was born in Australia to a Slovenian Father and a Croatian Mother.

In her own words:

“My first tango class was on Valentine’s Day many, many moons ago and I remember it well because co-incidentally there was a guy in my class whose name was Valentine. Like most things in my life I usually contemplate them for quite a while before doing them. I can’t quite remember why I wanted to learn tango other than it looked like a beautiful dance. I went to watch a class at the studio I was interested in going to previously and since it was the end of the year decided to start this new dance for me on the first class of the New Year. The only other formal dance experience I had (outside of being an active night clubber in my younger days) was 6 years of belly dancing so partner dancing was totally new for me.”

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and she concludes:

“If someone had told me at my first class well over 10 years ago (once you hit 10 years it is forever over 10 years after that and you stop counting) that in years to come I would be dancing almost 20 partner and solo dance styles which all started as a domino effect from tango, be co-organising a regular tango night plus dj’ing and writing for it and dancing tango in London, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Dublin, Zurich, Paris, Nice, Trieste, Pisa, Slovenia, Croatia, New York, Los Angeles, Kuala Lumpur & Bangkok (and ok Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide & Canberra too) in the words of Darryl Kerrigan from the movie ‘The Castle’ I would have said “Tell em they’re dreaming”




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