Leš is an active creator whose artwork springs from his awareness that art is continuous work and exploration. His interesting compositions are a result of his education and his work. He intertwines realistic and fantasy worlds, reinforced by realistic and fantasy colours, which represent the creator’s moods and attempt to create particular moods for the viewer. He transforms motifs into his own world, adds his own colours, and presents them in their now unfettered form to the observer.

Alenka Černelič Krošelj, Lecturer of Art History, Ethnologist and Cultural Anthropologist

Employment: Tomo is a toolmaker by trade.
Professional Art Training, Art Workshops attended:
“I started drawing at an early age and attended workshops and classes under the tuition of the acclaimed artist Stefan Jenovac in the city of Subotica 1947. Also in the 1950s,
I attended art classes in Belgrade under the tuition of the academic artist Kosta Bradic. In Adelaide, I attended art classes under the tuition of Adelaide artist Mrs. Lyn Robins.”
Exhibitions entered: Participated in numerous group exhibitions, beginning in my early years in the former Yugoslavia, and concluding with my            last exhibition at the SALA Festival in Adelaide 2009.
Major Awards, Prizes:     Won First Prize for Life Drawing for first group exhibition in Subotica.
At SALA Festival in Adelaide 2009 won Certificate of Merit Art in Diversity.
“I cannot explain why I enjoy painting and drawing. I believe it must be some inner force which brings me satisfaction from creating something new.
I realised that art was important to me in primary school as I excelled in art and my classmates admired my skills. Art was enjoyable.
I have not been particularly influenced by other artists or schools but tend to source my inspiration from nature and on-goings of life. I do have respect for the Impressionists and appreciate their method and perhaps some of their influence has crept in.
Art teaches me how to relax and to see beauty in life and nature.
I work in all media but have lately favoured soft pastels.
My work evolves constantly and it is mostly due to my travels through the country. A particular visit will inspire me to create what I have experienced. Having retired, my travels have increased and therefore so has my art.
My Slovenian heritage has moulded the way I view life and therefore my style of painting reflects this. I see the beauty in the small and simple things in life and my background has allowed me to appreciate the complexity of this.”






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