Stephanie Jakovac is an interesting artist searching in countless ways for her own painting style. Jakovac understands the possibilities when offered artistic knowledge. She diligently utilizes it to relate tales where Nature is linked with the day-to-day dilemmas of individuals, and conveys a perception of the difference between local and foreign, the known and the unknown. With coloured and drawn lines, the world and that which surrounds and confronts it is depicted. As she searches and completes works, her expression widens and courageously uses chosen motifs.

Alenka Černelič Krošelj, Lecturer of Art History, Ethnologist and Cultural Anthropologist

Stephanie arrived in Australia in 1973, having spent her childhood and youth in Slovenia. She completed her secondary education in Ljubljana, the historic capital of Slovenia. There she studied art history and received basic art knowledge. As part of her schooling she attended many art exhibitions in Europe.
After arriving in Australia, Stephanie commenced a career in commercial art. She painted for recreational purposes. After settling down to a family life in Albury/Wodonga, she continued her career in graphic art and later teaching art at a secondary college on part time basis. During that time she became seriously involved in painting and focused on her art from a different perspective, often passionately portrayed in her art work. She later pursued more art education and attained a Diploma in Visual Arts through Goulburn-Ovens Institute of TAFE.
Her sense of balance dictates the romantic use of brilliant colours and expressive detail. Stephanie believes it is difficult to paint something one has not experienced. As she observes the wide horizon of this country, the lively colours and vibrant diversity of composition inspire her. She feels the heat of the sun radiating from the earth, melting the oil of eucalyptus trees, scenting the air and filling it with serenity and tranquillity. She sees landscapes filled with clean air, golden moon rising on the sunlit horizon and a red sun slowly setting.

Stephanie likes to observe people from the distance, yet takes a closer look at their relationships. Her passion for people inspires her to draw and paint portraits of people from real life. Frequently her inspiration draws on the fragments of memories. Often she remembers the early years of her life in every poetic detail. Her landscapes are overgrown with flowers, trees and frolicking bushes, little village churches and houses with terra cotta tiles. She often travels overseas to her home country and is invited to artist colonies to join groups of artists producing art whilst there.
From the early years of her living in Australia, she became involved with people from diverse cultural backgrounds through interpreting. Later in Albury Wodonga she accepted a government project, which linked her with different ethnic communities and she found lots of pleasure working with people. Stephanie coordinated two projects for the Bonegilla Festival, which gave her an opportunity to work with members of different ethnic communities as well as Kosovo refugees living in Bandiana Safe Haven. Stephanie finds people a great inspiration for many of her artworks.
Stephanie has been exhibiting regularly and won numerous awards. Her paintings can be seen in many private collections in Australia, USA, Germany, Slovenia, Croatia, Italy and Austria. One of her paintings titled “Joy of a Nation” hangs in the Croatian Embassy in Canberra. The Gallery of International Naïve Art in Slovenia acquired two of her paintings. Stephanie’s paintings continue to attract attention and are respected by many discerning art lovers.


1991                                                              “The Highway Gallery” , Melbourne

1993                                                              “Filipov Dvorec” – Ljubljana, Slovenia

1995                                                              “Four Seasons” – Melbourne

1995                                         “Easter at the Buckland Gallery” – Beechworth

1996                                                              “Colours of Australia” – Dolik Salon Jesenice – Slovenia

1996                                         “Kompas Ljubljana – Slovenia

1996                                         “Reflections” – Albury Regional Art Centre

1997                                                              “Spectrum of Silence” – Creators Gallery, Wodonga

1998                                                              “The Private Gallery” – Sydney

1998                                         “The Project Gallery” – Woolongong

1998                                         “With Artist at Home” – home studio Thoorgoona

1998                                         “ Treemendous Multicultural Festival” – Narrandera

1999                                       “AMAC” Autumn’99 Art Exhibition – ABC Gallery, Sydney

1999                                         “In Limbo” – Harris Gallery, Albury

1999                                                               Embassy of the Republic of Croatia

2000                                                              “Dare to Dream Again?” Wilson St. Gallery, Albury

2000                                          Croatian Olympic Village, Sydney

2001                                                              “The Sketch Book”  Airly Pottery Wodonga

2001                                        “Exhibition in the High Country” Stirling House,Tawonga Sth.

2002                                                              “Australia in Colour and Form” Kompas Ljubljana, Slovenia

2003                                                              “Letting Go” Beehive Art Space, Albury

2005                                        “Life En Route” Wodonga Arts Space

2004 – 2009                               “Lubek” Art Studio Exhibition, Albury

2009                                        “The Tree of Life, the Tree of Realization, Ljubljana, Slovenia


1982 – 2009                               Various Regional and Interstate Art Exhibitions

1994                                                              Duo exhibition with Betty Keen – Melbourne

1993 – 1995                               Regular Trio exhibitions – Melbourne, Albury

1994                                                              “A Personal View” – Elgin Gallery, Melbourne

1995                                                              “The Bridge”– Touring exhibition, Slovenia, Austria, Italy

1998                                                              Trio exhibition – Bright

1999                                                              The Garret Gallery, Albury

2000                                                              Exhibitions Gallery, Wangaratta

2001                                                              Tatmans Gallery, Bright

2001                                    “Spot On” Exhibitions Gallery, Wangaratta

2001 – 2009                               “International Festival of Naïve Art”, Italy

2002                                    Beehive Gallery, Albury

2002                                         “Ripe and Raw” Exhibitions Gallery, Wangaratta

2003                                    Beehive Art Space, Albury

2004                                    Beechworth Fine Art Gallery

2004                                         Collection of Artist Colony 2004, Tolmin-Slovenia

2006                                         “Art from the Four Continents”, Tyres Art Hall – Stockholm, Sweden

2007                                        Holbrook Rotary Club Exhibition – Guest Artist

2008                                        “Passionate Brushstrokes” – Creators Gallery, Wodonga


“Joy of a Nation”


1991 Tallangata Arts Festival                              Highly Commended – “Last Farewell”

1992 Rotary Club of Albury Art Show                2nd Prize – “In Anticipation”

1992 Corowa Easter Art Show                           Highly Commended – “In Anticipation”

1992 Rutherglen Art Show                                 1st Prize – “In Anticipation”

1993 Albury Wodonga Art Society                    Highly Commended –“Only Heaven Knows”

1993 Scots School Arts Festival                          1st Prize – “Only Heaven Knows”

1994 Rutherglen Art Society                              Highly Com. – “Seasons Thru my Window”

1994 Albury Wodonga Art Society                    Highly Commended – “Sunflowers”

1994 Tallangatta Arts Festival                             Highly Commended – “Golden Morning”

1994 Scots School Arts Festival                          People’s Choice – “Four Seasons”

1994 Rotary Club of Hollbrook Art Show                       1st Prize – “Blending with Nature”

1994 Rotary Club of Hollbrook Art Show                       1st Prize – “Gold Panning”

1995 Corowa Easter Art Show                           Highly Commended –“Days to Ponder Upon”

1996 Albury Art Prize                                        Highly Commended – “Dual Concept of Reality”

1996 Alvaro Painting Prize                                 Highly Commended & People’s Choice “Seasons Through my Window”

1997 Rutherford Institute Art Contest, USA        Highly Commended – “Sabbath Morning”, “Evening       Worship”

2003 Chiltern Art Prize                                       1st Prize – Indigenous Wildlife Award

2004 Chiltern Art Prize                                       Highly Commended – “Edge of the Earth”


1999 Bonegilla Multicultural Festival                    “A Walk in my Shoes”

1999 Bonegilla Multicultural Festival                    “Make a Mark”

2000 Creators Gallery                                        “Stitches from Home”

2002 AlburyWodonga MRC                               “Postcard from a Refugee”

2006 Multicultural Festival – Harmony Day          “Living in Harmony”


NAVA (National Association for Visual Artists)

Albury Regional Art Gallery


MAV (Multicultural Arts Victoria)

Creators Art Space


Embassy of the Republic of Croatia – Canberra

Gallery of International Naïve Art – Slovenia

AIPAN – Naifs Senza Frontiere – Modena, Italy

NSW Ministry for the Arts – Sydney

Ministry for the Slovenes Abroad – Slovenia

Dolenjske Toplice Health Resort – Slovenia

The Scots School – Albury

City of Albury

St. Agustine’s School – Wodonga

Wodonga Institute of TAFE


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