Melanie Leš belongs to the creative world of illustrators, bringing a freer approach to realistic depictions in her graphic design and illustrations. Her work is derived from simple, child-like drawings, which capture the subject’s essence. She then emphasises it and stresses it with composition and colour. This sort of work demands even more rigour because the border between the recognised and beautiful and the unknown and frightening is very slim.

Alenka Černelič Krošelj, Lecturer of Art History, Ethnologist and Cultural Anthropologist

Melaniećs Professional Art Training, Art Workshops attended: Bachelor Graphic Design, Majoring in Illustration, University of South Australia 1992



“I enjoy painting and treat it as a diary or record of what I see in day to day life & nature.

I remember as a kid mixing lots of colours on paper and realizing that it didn’t matter what colour I used I could still get my message across. Pink hills and a blue dog still said dog & hill. I enjoyed adding in unexpected elements into my drawing to get a reaction from viewers.

Jean Dubuffet, Jean Cocteau, Cy Twombly, Bill Traylor and children’s illustrations greatly influenced my style. I identified with the quirkiness and the spontaneity of their mark making. I am still trying to create work that in essence is pure, simple and untainted with too much thought.

My painting has revealed to me what I hold dearest. The enjoyment and appreciation of small daily happenings that may normally go unnoticed. The small quirks that occur within nature which fascinate me and often makes me laugh. Painting them down strengthens my observations and I get a kick out of sharing them on canvas.

I prefer to work with acrylic on canvas. I find that I can work faster in this medium and it is spontaneous.

My work, especially the subject, has recently evolved due to having a family and the ever diminishing time that is available to paint in! I find that I have become more efficient in trying to get my message across and therefore my mark making is becoming looser and more spontaneous. Subject matter is more home based as I get an immediate response of the familiar from my family.

As I have mentioned above I have been painting subject matter which is closer to home and the strong Slovenian links that I am exposed to have naturally influenced me”.

Solo Exhibitions

1995 Aug – Sept

Birds and Bugs and Stuff, Urban Cow Studios, Adelaide, SA

1997 Sept

Melanie Terrett, Clipsal Function Centre, Bowden, SA

2000 Dec

Melanie Terrett, Urban Cow Studios, Adelaide, SA

2003 June

Melanie Terrett, Mojo West, Adelaide, SA

Group Exhibitions

1994 Nov – Dec

Silvermine Opening, Silvermine Gallery, Glen Osmond, SA

1995 Mar-April

Melanie Terrett & Nicole Stewart, Urban Cow Studios, Adelaide, SA

1995 Apr – Jun

Sir Robert Helpmann Academy Exhibition, Adelaide Festival Centre, Adelaide, SA

1995 Jul

Winter Exhibition’, Silvermine Gallery, Glen Osmond, SA

1995 Aug

In Cahoots, John Dunn Gallery, Bridgewater, SA

1995 Sept

EVA, Pulteney Grammar School, Adelaide, SA

1997 Apr – May

A Little Adventure, Urban Cow Studios, Adelaide, SA

1998 Dec – Feb

Waterworks, John Dunn Gallery, Bridgewater, SA

1999 Feb – Mar

Soul and Synergy, Hilton International Hotel, Adelaide, SA

1999 Nov

Everyday, Silvermine Gallery, Glen Osmond, SA

2002 Mar

Splat – Adelaide Fringe Festival, Flightpath Gallery, Adelaide, SA

·2002 June

Urbanscape, Alleycat Gallery, Adelaide, SA

2002 June

20 Big Ones, Art Images Gallery, Norwood, SA

2005 Dec

Christmas Show, Urban Cow Studios, Adelaide, SA

2006 Mar

Melanie Terrett & Daniel Les, Pt Vincent Wooden Boat Regatta, Pt. Vincent, SA

2006 Aug

AGDA Designer as Artist – SALA, Adelaide Arcade, Rundle Mall, Adelaide, SA

2005-2009 (on going exhibition)

Greedy Goose Restaurants, Channel 7 My Restaurant Rules, North Adelaide, SA & Glenelg, SA

2009 Mar

KI Easter Exhibition, Penneshaw, Kangaroo Island, SA

2009 Aug

Unframed, Unplugged, SALA Exhibition, Fine Art KI Gallery, Kingscote, Kangaroo Island, SA

2009 Aug

Melanie Les, Daniel Les – new paintings, SALA Exhibition, Adelaide Arcade, Rundle Mall, Adelaide, SA



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