Liliana is a temperamental painter who is motivated by intense colour. Likenesses of surroundings and architecture mirror her appreciation of the beauty which is slowly disappearing. In her own way, she wishes to review and then to impart some of her appreciation to others. Compositions of flowers or tabletops on which preparation takes place, show interesting and personal creativity, and provide glimpses of often depicted visual motifs.

Alenka Černelič Krošelj, Lecturer of Art History, Ethnologist and Cultural Anthropologist

Lialiana was born in Koper, Slovenia.
She was a primary school teacher.
Art Workshops and classes attended:  methods in Tonal Painting in oils and watercolour.
Exhibitions entered: various art shows at Bacchus Marsh, Woodend, Melton, Sunbury, Camberwell.
Major Awards, Prizes: Bacchus Marsh Rotary Show 2nd prize, 1994, Slovenian Art Show, Eltham 2nd prize, 1994, and various encouragement and other minor prizes.

“Painting is something I love to do, where I reflect on Nature’s beauty, I aim to record that which touches me. The process of representing the vision that has inspired me is one that demands a challenge in the evaluation and precision of execution.
At an early age I realised that the aesthetic beauty of Nature has a calming influence on me. I was inspired to attempt to record this beauty and thus began my experimentation with first pencils, then as a teen, with oils. After my children attended school I was able to pursue my interest more intensely and the correct process of painting.
Originally, inspiration came from the tonal paintings of Vermeer, then the Impressionists. Currently, inspiration and interest lies in the colourist philosophy.
My interest gravitates towards Nature and its beauty. I feel compelled to record in paint the beautiful aspects of nature which are fast being destroyed with the inevitability of modern ‘progress’.
Over the years, I have experimented with almost all media and find that each has its merits and most can be built on, added to and manipulated according to subject matter.
Initially, the learning process required many hours of painting subject matter under controlled lighting. This progressed to pleine aire painting, implementing the knowledge acquired, and used at speed, in conditions not controlled and constantly moving. Currently vibrant colour, is evident in my painting, where intense colour is used to draw the eye.

I definitely believe that something in the subconscious, from earliest years in Slovenia, influences and draws me to the subjects that are visually appealing and have calming qualities that motivate me to paint, such as, distant mountains and green rolling hills evident in the Slovenian countryside.”


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