Artist Daniel Leš is committed to line and colour as a means of creating modern, abstract artworks which nevertheless evolve from a world of recognizable images. His painting titles direct the viewer into the artist’s thoughts, and encourage individual images and stories to arise from the paintings. We can recognise his art as a form of storytelling with its symbolic use of vertical and rotating lines, which appear to be laughing.

Alenka Černelič Krošelj, Lecturer of Art History, Ethnologist and Cultural Anthropologist

1967 Born Adelaide, South Australia
1992-2000 Lived and worked in Auckland, New Zealand
1996 Travel study in Europe and completed commissions in London
2000- Currently full-time practicing artist in West Hindmarsh, South AustraliaMy affiliation to Slovenia is from my father, Tomo Leš, who was born there.

Professional Art Training, Art Workshops attended: Bachelor Fine Arts, Majoring in Painting, University of South Australia 1990



A need to express my ideas and emotions. This process is critical for my well being. As a child I was surrounded by painting, drawing, sculpture and other creative processes. Everything was a little left of centre and this created an environment that I enjoyed being part of. Nowadays I am drawn to Aboriginal artists. Natural landscapes and geological formations, particularly in the Gammon Ranges, are a large part of my painting experience. Creating art is an integral part of my daily life which helps me to view the world differently than most. I enjoy dissecting experiences, capturing the essence and emotions down on canvas. I mainly work with oil pastel on paper, acrylic & oil on canvas and sometimes indulge in clay. In my early years I preferred to create planned paintings where as today I rely on my intuitive self to express myself quickly and more loosely. My Father has always involved me in our Slovenian history and he has been a large part of molding my artistisic life. He has taught me wisdom from his experiences and this, I conclude, comes out emotively in my painting.


1991 Graduated Bachelor of Visual Arts, Major in Painting
University of South Australia

Solo 1999 Oedipus Rex, Auckland
1998 BMG Art, Adelaide
1997 Avarice, Oedipus Rex Gallery, Auckland
1995 New Work, Oedipus Rex Gallery, Auckland
1994 BMG Art, Adelaide
1993 Black on Blue, Oedipus Rex Gallery, Auckland
1992 Introducing Daniel Les, Oedipus Rex Gallery, Auckland

Group Exhibitions

2009 Unframed & UnpluggedSALA, Fine Art Kl Gallery, Kingscote, Kangaroo Island, SA
2009 Daniel Les, Melanie Les SALA, Adelaide Arcade, Rundle Mall. Adelaide, SA
2009 Kl Easter Exhibition Penneshaw Hall, Penneshaw, Kangaroo Island, SA
2005-2009 Greedy Goose Restaurants (Channel 7 My Restaurant Rules), Adelaide
2007 Daniel Les & Andrew Noble, Flightpath Gallery, Adelaide
2006 Melanie Terrett & Daniel Les, Pt Vincent Wooden Boat Regatta, Pt. Vincent, SA
2005 Field Trip, Gammon Ranges
2004 Field Trip, Gammon Ranges
2003 Urbanscape, Alleycat Gallery, Adelaide
2002 Splat(Adelaide Fringe Festival), Flightpath Gallery, Adelaide
2001 Oedipus Rex Gallery, Auckland
1999 The Beatty Gallery, Sydney
1997 Apostrophe, Soliloquy Gallery, Auckland
1996 Traveling Exhibition with Slovene Assoc. in Europe
including Slovenija, linje Carinthia (Austria), Trieste
1994 Pol Art, Dam Polski. Adelaide
1992 Yuletide Treasures, Oedipus Rex Gallery, Auckland
1991 Manning Galleries, Adelaide
1990 Vincent Gallery (Underground Gallery, Adelaide Festival of Art), Adelaide
1990 Galaxy Nightclub, Adelaide
1990 Purple People, University Union Gallery, Adelaide
1990 International Contemporary Art, Scarpantoni Estate, Adelaide
1989 Graduate Show, South Australian College Gallery, Adelaide

Sheahan Sims, Adelaide
National Insurance, Auckland
Eden Collection, Auckland
Claridges Hotel. London
Private collections in New Zealand, Australia, UK, Canada, Germany, Slovenia
Commissions 1996 Wontner Suite (Penthouse), Claridges Hotel, Mayfair, London
2001 Black Squid Design, North Adelaide, SA



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