The creation of mosaics requires a good artisan’s knowledge and the delivery to the public of the artwork. Alojz Jerič brought this knowledge from Slovenia and only put it to use in his later years. The religious motifs used provide Jerič with a range of possibilities, particularly those sculptures inspired by the recognised likenesses of Slovenian iconography (e.g. Mary Help of Brezje) and other images that are universal. His greatest creative undertaking which reveals his artistic potential has been his depiction of the twelve apostles.

Alenka Černelič Krošelj, Lecturer of Art History, Ethnologist and Cultural Anthropologist

Aloiz Jerič was born in Zagorje near Ilirska Bistrica on 15. 11. 1933.  He was born into a poor family and even basic needs were hard to come by.
He studied mosaic making in Ljubljana.
After migrating to Australia, his time was spent mostly as a concreter who, after work hours, handmade concrete plant pots in his garage and distributed them on Sundays to local nurseries to supplement the family income.
Later in life, he fulfilled his dream of owning a couple of small farming properties so that he and his family would never again ‘be hungry’.
In his youth, as his family didn’t own any property, he had the opportunity to learn his craft in Mosaic at Industria Naravnega in Umetnega Kamna.

Exhibitions entered:
2009     Casey Council Arts Festival
2007     Pakenham Show
Various Slovenian Festivals in Victoria
Major Awards, Prizes:
2007     Pakenham Show, First Prize

“I started at a late age due to the fact that I felt that I never had the luxury of time before my retirement from full time work.  
I work to keep active and as a hobby.
My style was inspired by my teachers.
Creating art has inspired me to achieve personal goals and to enjoy the reward that comes in sticking to a task until it is done to my personal satisfaction.
I work mostly in glass tiles and natural stone.  Any colour in any shade is readily available in glass tiles, but stone is more difficult to find in the desired colour however the final result is very satisfying.

I have noticed that the quality of work gradually improves over time with experience.
Many of the subjects come from Slovenian Culture, landscape and religious ideas, icons and symbols.”

A page from Misli: Before the Blessing of the mosaic of Fr Basil Valentin OFM MBE by Alojz Jerič


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 DRUŽINA: Marija Pomagaj, delo Alojza Jeriča na Brezjah

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