On the first Friday of March, then, in services all over the world Slovenia became the focus of prayer and understanding. 

Through the preparation and participation in the worship service, Slovenia’s history, language, culture and heritage was conveyed and unstated with the Biblical passages in their context.

Come everything is ready and so everyone is welcomed to the table. A relationship happens when we gather at the table. We share our struggles, hopes, dreams and life journeys.

The presenters with an inner strength, heartfelt emotions and passion conveyed their stories and life journeys.  As migrants, they experienced difficult times and many hardships. Throughout the presentations which were shared throughout the land, the audience learned about the life, traditions, culture and faith of the Slovenian people. They heard concerns and needs coming together in prayer and solidarity. 

It was a great celebration on this World Prayer Day as it was recollected how the newly arrived migrants, were welcomed and helped by the Christian communities around the country of Australia  to settle into their new found home, and forever grateful for the welcome.

by Magda Pisotek, BA, BEd

Throughout the world at the beginning of March, congregations from various ecumenical expressions come together to pray.  This year, the women of Slovenia prepared the World Day of Prayer theme for 2019 ‘Come, everything is ready’. 

It was wonderful to see Christians come together, with Slovenian guests sharing the importance of welcoming all as God demonstrates in Luke 14:15-24.  The theme of God welcoming all to feast at the banquet of His love and grace was expressed in song, testimony, decoration and celebrated over food together. 

Slovenian women, as the guest speakers all over Australia, sharing their Slovenian upbringing, and giving all who attended, a taste of the reality of life in Slovenia, and the importance of welcoming all as God demonstrates in Luke 14:15-24.

by Capt. Rachel Attard, Corps Officer, Ferntree Gully Corps, The Salvation Army, Australia Southern Territory

“In understanding we feel compassion – only then can we forgive and be inclusive and welcoming . . .” (Liliana Eggleston Tomažič)

FAITH is seeing Light with your Heart when all your Eyes see is Darkness. (proverb)

Presenters on World Prayer Day 2019 in Australia

Victoria: Karlo Bole Lojzka Kuhar and Jože Matkovič Zlata Seljak and Martha Mrhar Jožica Gerden Brigitta Hore Šerbinek Marija Kromar and Silva Novak Anica Markič Veronica Smrdel and Angelca Veedetz Mary and Stanko Prosenak Magda Pisotek and Draga Gelt Frances Johnson Urbas Dr Tatjana Tee Colja Angelca Veedetz and Veronica Smrdel Helena Leber Meta Lenarčič Romana Žetko Draga Gelt and Magda Pisotek

Queensland: Nevenka Golc Clarke Mirko Cuderman

South Australia: Rosemary Poklar

Western Australia: Ančka Kočar

New South Wales: Cilka Žagar

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