META LENARČIČ was born in Kranj in 1941. She completed secondary school in Radovljica and technical school in Iskra, Kranj.
She worked with a folk group in Slovenia, in Ljubnem in Gorenjska, where they also had a tambourinist in the orchestra.
“I played for five years. For three years, I played for the dance group. We performed In villages and in larger towns in Gorenjska for state holidays and festivals.

I ran the youth folklore group at the Slovenian club, Planica in Springvale
from 1986 till 2002.

In 1982 we also had an adult folk dancing group, named Rdeči cvet – Red Flower.
Lenti Lenko OAM played the organ, than the button accordion and we also used cassettes.
We danced mainly dances from Gorenjska in Gorenjska national costume (Potrkana, Žakle, Kouter, Okenček, Zibenšrit, Peta prsti, Ples z metlo, Špegu, Ob bistem potoku, Kaj ste sitni očka vi, Štajeriš, Jaz pa pojdem na Gorenjsko, 1,2,3 Hopla polka, Pes pa nima repa več, Valček, Krancl polka, Metla polka, Priklon, Mi se imamo radi, Požugana, Špic polka, Zvezda, Cel teden, Nojkatoliš, Po Koroškem po Kranjskem, Na Golici, Jaz pa pojdem po dekle, Ketno zvijat, Mlinček, Moj očka, Ciperle, Smo mamco prosil, Šuštarska, Tunel, Rašpla, Poskočna polka, Potresena, Cindara, Če študent na rajžo gre, Kačo zvijat ven, Vlečenje za ušesa, Vrtenje v krogu, Na Roblek bom odšel), and some dances from Štajerska and Prekmurje.
We performed at all important club occasions, at the church centre at Kew, at Slovenian clubs in Melbourne, Geelong and at youth concerts at least twice at every venue; Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra and in Adelaide.
For the Australian public at Multicultural Festivals at Dandenong, Oakleigh, at St John Vianney’s Church festival, Mulgrave ethnic dance festivals, 3EA Radio function, Geelong Festival, Wesley College, Greater Harmony Neighbourliness and Friendship and a Deeper Appreciation of Each Others Heritage, for the Sri Lankan Consulate – Sri Lankan National Day in Box Hill Town Hall, Springvale Community Festival, Springvale Carnivale.
An unforgettable memory which the youth also remember was the youth concert in Adelaide. When we arrived, it was so hot that they drank everything there was in the small cooler, then suffered till the next morning.
We had to pay with our own savings and so had nothing left for the next three days. Many other such youthful adventures wherever we went – unforgettable company!
The dancers had to practise a lot, it was very difficult for them.”

Meta Lenarčič


TILKA LENKO was born in 1941 in Gornji Gradec in Savinja Valley. She arrived in Australia in 1968.
“As soon as the Slovenian school began at Planica, my children were enrolled and I started helping.
We had 14 dancing couples: smaller children and the youth.
Both groups participated at many cultural events of Planica, performed for various festivals and at the Slovenian Youth concerts in Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide.
To partly cover the cost of travelling by bus, we had fundraising BBQs.
I loved to teach. I vividly remember the teaching before the Sydney youth concert, when Meta was away and I was by myself for both dancing groups, and had many practices on Sunday afternoons.”

Tilka Lenko



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