As our young people were growing, we needed as sporting facility for their use and thus purchased an adjoining lot of land of approx. 5 acres where a soccer club was formed, and they too successfully competed in the Victorian Amateur Soccer League.  It is still used today, but this time by a Ladies Soccer Team. It also has a tennis court, an outside B.B.Q. and dance area, a beautiful garden, as well as parking space for 200 cars and a caretaker’s cottage.

Marta Ogrizek

In the 80s and 90s, the youth group at the Slovenian club Jadran, were well organized. At that time, the decendants of the first generation, in the flush of youth only needed good leadership. We are grateful to Mrs. Vida Vojvoda, who took the time to work with them. She gave them the initiative and encouraging them. With encouragement and praise she supported and led them. Fani Natlačen, and many other mothers helped with the organization. They travelled with them on excursions to the snow in the winter time, cooked with them, and helped where necessary. With the initiative of Fani, a dance was introduced in 1978 entitled Choosing Miss Jadran.

Cvetka Natlačen was the one chosen in 1978. The quest was discontinued until many years later. In 1988, the competition was on again. The beauty queen chosen was Sandra Iskra and Sandra Stare in year 1989. Sandra Kumar was a candidate for the beauty queen competition at Slovenian Association Melbourne and was the winner.

In their time, the youth were active in the bowling section and participated in competitions at other clubs. They organized disco dances in the small hall (Kimova Koča). They became members of the main committee and worked well together. Girls joined the women’s group and helped with the cooking and serving of meals. They were of great assistance on occasions such as the dance Hawaiian Nights.

The youth performed at celebrations and ceremonies, singing, reciting, playing instruments and dancing folk dances. At church celebrations and ceremonies, they dressed in national costumes and met guests at the door, handing out flowers and served meals. They were most active at sport. For many years, soccer was most active and successful at the Jadran club. Friendly games were played between other clubs and also in the Victorian league.

Maria Iskra 


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