St. Nicholas was celebrated at the club from its inception. It is well known to be the loveliest children’s celebration and there was no shortage of children. To this day, St. Nicholas attracts crowds of children and most of them are third and fourth generation. Among them are children from other nationalities who have heard of the celebration from friends or relatives and have decided to join in the fun. Lately, St. Nicholas and Santa Clause have arrived together in a convertible car and the overjoyed children are rained on by lollies. The remainder of the day the children are treated to face painting and spending time on the adventure playground. All children receive a gift and lunch on the day. The kitchen and bar areas are open for the adults to use.



Celebration of St. Joseph began on the club grounds in 1991, when a small chapel dedicated to the saint was built.  When St Joseph became Jadran’s patron saint, Fr. Niko was responsible for the choice of location, saying the Mass and giving a blessing at the official opening of the chapel. For many years the Mass was said in the open in front of the chapel, however, due to inclement weather, the congregation has had to be moved into the main hall. Following the Mass, there is food available and the bar is open.



On November 1, lunch is provided at the club. All are welcome. On this day, prayers are offered for those who are no longer with us at the cemetery in East Keilor. Attendances have been very good.

Maria Iskra


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