In 1994, Stanko Starc established a bee apiary at the Slovenian club Jadran under the name of Bee-Keeping School. It is called a school, as it provides useful information to anyone new to, and interested in bee-keeping and collecting and dealing in honey and its products. New members are able to purchase all material required to set up a hive and for harvesting the honey. There are regular monthly meetings where ideas and methods are discussed and exchanged. The Bee-Keeping School is a registered member of the Victorian Bee-Keepers Association and has the right to sell honey and its products.

Interested persons of any nationality are always welcome. Members number around 60 at the moment. There is a Bee-Keeping festival every March, which is very well organized and is very popular with visitors, as the event is widely publicised. Honey products are available for purchase and displays of bee hives show visitors how industrious bees function. They see first-hand how honey is produced and packaged. The special display is of the ‘beard’ made of bees that crawl over each other to form a solid mat on the bee keeper’s face. It is a marvel’ that the person has never been badly stung. Children are catered for with face-painting, the adventure playground and giving of gifts.

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