At the time that there was an unveiling of the statue dedicated to the poet Oton Župančič at Jadran, the library was opened, which bears the name of another poet from the Primorska area, Srečko Kosovel. There is a great collection of books for an organized library, the functioning having been tended to completely, since its founding in 1979, by Valentin Brecelj. Valentin had been employed for many years at the Sunshine library. He was involved in the building up of the library, and the library was able to donate a great number of books, mainly Slovenian, specifically to the Jadran club. Matica, the organization for Immigrants Abroad, gifted a great number of books, and donations have been received from members and non-members alike.Included are also collections of Videos, CDs and DVDs. There is also a cupboard full of school books which are regularly used by students of the supplementary Slovenian language classes.


Among our countrymen there are artists of various media. Some have tried their hand at creative drawing. They have exhibited at Slovenian clubs and also at other venues. Some have had their work acknowleged, those include John Kodric, Edo Surina, Ivan Valentic. Special mention for handwork goes to Fani Natlacen. Many deserve mention for their creativity in the preparation and serving of cakes, including Danica Juriševič, Marija Surina, Marija Kalčič and others.



Maria has written many poems for various celebrations.

Some of her work in Slovenian:

Od kod? In kam? and 30th Anniversary of Club Jadran 2008

Welcome to Slovenian Guests 1983   and  Jadran 1984


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