Established in 1972

Founded by Danica Juriševič and Vida Vojvoda

First teacher:      Ivanka Škof

One of the many rooms at Jadran became a classroom for our children who were learning Slovenian language.  

Management and members of Slovenian Australian Social and Sports Club Jadran, endeavour to preserve and further improve and cultivate Slovenian environment in Australia.

Marta Ogrizek

Teachers and Cultural Animators of Slovenian School Jadran 1972–2009:

Ivanka Škof 1972–1993

Danila Gasparini 1976

Zora Radojkovič 1977

Vesna Iskra

Anica Zorzut 1980

Valentin Brecelj 1980

Magda Hribernik 1980–1988

Viki Mrak 1991

Cultural Animators:

Ivanka Škof 1972–1992

Danica Juriševič 1972–1977

Vesna Iskra

Magda Hribernik 1980–1988

Vida Vojvoda 1972–2009

Maria Iskra 1972–2009

Maria Iskra

For details of teachers and cultural animators at Jadran see book by Draga Gelt: Chronicle of Slovenian Language Schools and Slovenian Language Teachers in Australia  pp 251 to 272.

1  Historical Events at Slovenian Club Jadran
2. Social Life at Jadran 
3. Sporting Life at Jadran
4. Multicultural involvement of Jadran
5. Museum and the Exhibitions
   List of students 

   attending   Slovenian

   Language School

   at Jadran

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Celebrating 5th Anniversary of Oton Župančič’s Monument at Jadran 

Children Drama performace

Children Drama performance Part 2

Children Drama Performance Part 3