Drama group was formed for individual performanced of short comedies and recitals. 


The Jadran Choir was established in 1978, the idea being suggested by the teacher Ivanka Škof. At the request of the singers, the committee invited the choirmaster Vladimir Trampuž to be the vocal leader of the group. The role of choirmaster was eagerly and happily accepted and lessons began.

The first lessons took palce on 17th July 1978, in the Kimova koča. The first performance was in September 1978, for Fathers’ Day. From that date, the choir performed at the Melbourne, Prahran and Camberwell Town Halls and the Collingwood Civic Centre, and at the Government Theatre at the time of Tito death , the Yugoslav President.

In 1982, on the invitation to Slovenians Abroad, the choir preformed in various parts of Slovenia; the greatest occasion being at the Slovenian Expatriates’ Picnic. For all members of the choir, this event was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. They returned with good impressions and memories. Matica’s faultless organization of the performances and their hospitality was appreciated.

The Choir always performed at all events at the club, and also at other Slovenian clubs. It made appearances at the Ukranian club, at Slovenian festivals across Victoria and in other states of Australia.

Until 1984, the Jadran Choir operated under the direction of choirmaster Vladimir Trampuž and, the role thereafter, was taken by Hugo Polh. After some years Hugo Polh stepped down and the conductor, Rolland Carmody took over. Soon after, on December 12, 1992, the Slovenian Association Melbourne and Jadran choirs joined and became known as PLANIKA. The choirmaster, Rolland Carmody, retains this position still.

Through the 1980’s and 90’s a mixed choir, PLANIKA and a womens’ choir existed and also performed.

In 2002, quartet JADRAN established. Members included; Nino Burlovič, Nino Valenčič, Emil Kalčič and Mario Vihtelič. They perform at all important occasions at Jadran and at every Slovenian festival. The organisers of the Slovenian festivals are from all Victorian clubs. The festivals take place every second year at a different Slovenian club.

At a time there was a youth choir established at Jadran, which performed successfully under the direction of the teacher.



Even vocal groups made an appearance at the Jadran club. The first among them began pracising soon after the club’s establishment –

l. Primorski fanti, including: Aldo Rupenovič, Aurelija Rupenovi, Vojislav Tian, Vice Bordonaro and Berto Bačič.

After a lengthy pause, other stars came forward

2. Melodija, including: Maks Vojvoda, Bernadete Brne, Belinda Rasen

3. Rocking Harmonik

4. Slovenian kvintet: Melodija, including: Branko Kojc, Maks Vojvoda, Alojz Domenko, Franc and Graham


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