The Planica Youth Club was officially formed on the 26th September 1976. The Committee consisted of Sonja Varglien, Darko Benčič, Silvano Lovrenčič, Ivan Koroša, Eda Tomažič and Mario Gomizely, who was the elected President.

During time of September 1976 and September 1977 it was an extremely busy and progressive time. A variety of Activities were organised for members through out the year. Among the first events were the soccer matches – the Youth Club played agaist Slovenian Association melbourne and the senior Planica team. Unfortunately the SAM team was to strong, neverteless the senior team was defeated.

During the Christmas holidays 1976 the Youth Club organised an excursion to the Clayton Olympic Ice Rink, This was a memorable event especially for those who had difficulties trying to stand up on ice. In March 1977 the first youth rock-dance was held. Black Diamond band played, while we danced and had a good time. For Easter we organised some novelty events for not only the children, but adults as well. Even Easter Bunny payed us a visit and gave us some Easter eggs.

In the winter month of August the Planica Youth Club went to Mt Buller for a day trip at the snow.

Most of the youth participated in the final activity for the year / a Dancing marathon. The event not only raised an admirable sum of money, but also provided us with lots of enjoyment / 24 hours to be exact.

Loretta Mamilovič, the Secretary 1976-1977

The Planica Youth Club had its second election in September 1977 with the elected Committee: Darko Benčič – President, Roman Franetič – Vice-President, Tatjana Klančič – Secretary.

Several activities were held in that time. Next election was held in July 1978. The Committee members were as follows: Roman Vovk, Jim Cevec, Steve Sluga, Sonja Varglien and Tatjana Klančič. We participated in several sports activities: between Slovenian Association Planica, Slovenian Association Melbourne in soccer; volleyball with Italo Club and on Boxing Day a Table-tennis Marathon. The money raised was for the tennis court. The Rock&Roll Dance was very succesful. IN winter we also had a trip to the snow at Mt Buller. In August the Tennis court was officially opened and the first nettball game was between Slovenian Association Melbourne girls and Slovenian Association Planica girls.

In October a sports day followed with coimpetitions in netball, volleyball, billiards, bowling and a tug-of-war..The Planica Youth Club also formed the youth Folkdancing group and we performed on several occasions as Festival at Dandenong, Caulfield Hospital Appeal and other places.

The last function for the year was at the Dutch Club.

Tatjana Klančič, Secretary 1977-1978

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