Hunters and Anglers Group at  Planica was established in 1980. Already in March of the same year they have had hunters interclub shooting contest air gun. They competed with the Hunters groups of Slovenian Association Melbourne and Istra. The leader of the Planica Hunters and Anglers Group was Matija Cimerman.

The year turned out pretty quickly, and during this time, the hunters were already hunting ducks and wild pigs. Among other things, hunting deer, as well; rabbit hunting has always been a success.  The most successful were Paul Sedmak, Ivan Šestan and Toni Suša. The ladies prepared the feast with goulash and polenta. In 1981 the elder – leader of the group was Peter Lenarčič.

In 1983 the established hunters groups in Victoria have welcomed the Happy hunters from St. Albans. On April 9, the shooting competition included hunters from Planica, Slovenian Association Melbourne, St. Albans and Sydney.  They have organised the Perpetual Cup for target shooting and shooting in free style. The winner was Slovenian Association Melbourne with 1482 points, second was Planica with 1444 points, third was St Albans with 1423 points, and the last were hunters from Sydney with 1319 points.

In the middle of May 1983, the hunters drove to hunt pigs in NSW. All 14 hunters and three young people were of the opinion that this will be the successful hunt. Walking in the rain, with the ground soaked, did not matter, even when water was running “out of their ears”. The hunters were in good spirits and to equalise the wetness, they made sure, they were “wet inside” as well, to prevent the colds. Many hunting stories made the trip very enjoyable.

Competition for Federal Cup with an air rifle at the Slovenian Association Melbourne included a hunting family of SAM, Sydney, St. Albans, Planica, and guests from Geelong and Hunters Group Mura.

Visits of hunting groups from other clubs and other states and vice versa have over the years declined until they completely ceased. The age has shown its teeth and there was lack of patience and strength.

The competitions were mainly in Melbourne and Geelong. As individual members and friends of hunting groups, we drove duck shooting in the middle of March each year; in the winter season, there was some hunting in the nearby forests. Sometimes they went for longer trips, other times for daily trips. Of great importance was the weather and the seasons.

At the same time, a group of fishermen each year ventured fishing on the Lake Eucumbine, far away towards the mountains, a few days away, bringing all the food and slept in the hut. The anglers make the trip every year since 1988 – the catch is of course smaller every year

»The Hunting Federation – Lovska Zveza« of Victoria has organises annual dances, which were always very successful. They made “špecialitete – specialties”: hunting-deer goulash with polenta, homemade sausages with cabbage and potatoes, homemade desserts and a rich lottery.

Over the years, however, the enthusiasm and competitions slowly began to slacken mostly because the then young men have aged and have lost the perfect vision, so important for shooting at the competitions.

Now the group hunts a few times a year, but mainly just walks in the forest. The animals are very fit, alert and fast and the hunters have slowed down. The hunters return home tired from walking. But they still enjoy their time in the nature.

Metka Lenarčič

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