On 1.8.1975, Pavel Sedmak established the bowlers’ section of Planica. The first bowling alleys were prepared  the previous year, in 1974. The section counted 51 members with its own Constitution. The first bowling officials – referents were: Frenk Šabec, Silvo Kristan, George Ferligoj.

In October 1975 the first ladies bowlers’ team was established:  Lenčka Bergoč – the leader, other competitors were: Olga Mazlo, Tončka Bergoč, Julka Erzetič and Zmaga Gomišček.

The teams were competing with the teams of other Slovenian clubs.

The Victorian Bowling Association of Victoria was established by the suggestion of Pavel Sedmak on 7.2.1976  with the following representatives at the first meeting:

  1. Representatives:             SDM                                    Branko Žele
  2.                                         JADRAN                              Drago Vlah
  3.                                         GEELONG                           Frenk Markola
  4.                                          PLANICA                            Pavel Sedmak
  5. The Committee of the Victorian Bowling Association was elected:
  6. President                                    Branko Žele
  7. Vice-President                            Pavel Sedmak
  8. Secretary                                    Peter Mandelj

The establishment documentation was signed at Planica on 17.7.1976 and Štefan Srnec planted three trees close to the bowling alleys to mark the occasion.

The bowlers participated and marched in their uniforms at many multicultural festivals and full of pride representing the club, Planica. They competed at the Italian clubs and interstate. They were very successful and have earned many trophies. In  2002 they participated at the 8th Slovenian Festival in Geelong and 80 Planica members travelled to Geelong by bus.

In the past few years the bowlers do not compete at interclub competitions, but still enjoy friendly games and members competitions at Planica when the premises are open.

Lucija Srnec


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