After 5 years of the club’s existence the Committee decided that it was time to overview the short and rich history of Planica. The wish was to describe and show the members and friends the development and and the goals in a form of Novice s Planice – News from Planica.

First Novice was published as an article in 1977 in the Vestnik, the newspaper of Slovenian Association Melbourne. They were  acknowledged for the work contributed by the brave men. The Planica club was formed to bring together the compatriots, not just Slovenians. Those were the people, who were prepared to be friends and obey, democratically, and according to the Rules of the Planica club They were accepted on the first meeting of the Committee.

The RulesZakonik – were updated and points added for acceptance at the AGM meetings on 19.6.1997.

Novice’ brought the news of the naming the first Executive Committee, of preparations for the building of the premises, of the trustees, who put forth their own houses to meet the demands for the credit. Those brave men were:  Janez Rotar, Zvonko Penko and Jože Krnjak.

Planica Novice brought to the communities attention,l the cultural events and the work of the Mothers’ Committee. The youth also contributed some articles. The youth were very active in those times and they organised outings, helped in the kitchen, establish youth ensembles, participated at sports competitions and at cultural events.

Novice Planice – Planica Novice began publishing in 1980, mainly from the need to record the writings by individuals in regards to the building of the premises. The articles led to the detailed writings of the works in the club, how the work was continued, names of the workers, dance functions and similar. The Novice was printed quarterly. Every member received a copy. First Editor was Meta Lenarčič.

Meta Lenarčič

NOVICE – BULLETIN at Digital Library of Slovenia in Ljubljana


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