Slovenians are proud of their heritage. They brought with them, or collected later, many traditional craft items, souvenirs and very much loved items, reminding them of their beloved homeland that they left behind all those years ago.

Dragica Gomizelj is in charge of the exhibition area and the Museum, which is located in the former classroom of Slovenian school of Slovenian Association Melbourne. She diligently collects, cares for, and displays items given to the SAM by members of the SAM and other members of the Slovenian community.

The Museum is full of wooden objects, cared for, and loved, by some generations of Slovenians, as well as needlework, pottery, glass, some articles of clothing, worn by the immigrants coming to Australia on a ship all those years ago; suitcases, travel tickets etc. There is also a typewriter used for the preparation of the early copies of the newspaper Vestnik in the early 60s, the address machine, the copying system etc, as well as the wooden cabinetmaker’s bench, brought from Slovenia in pieces and reassembled in Australia. There are embroidery items delicately completed by ladies – young girls then, as part of their dowry.

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Draga Gelt

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