From the very beginning os Planinka, the cultural life was very important to the Slovenians in Brisbane.

The cultural evenings, recitals, cultural programs with the children followed, and have as well organised a drama group, which performed already in 1969 with the drama Razvalina življenja andcomedy Špelca v Ljubljani – Spela in Ljubljana.

The same year, in December, a short one act play Miklavžev večer – St Nicholas’ Eve was performed in the Hall of Planinka.


Slovenian language school was established in 1980, with the first teacher Sonja Fon, followed by Anica Cuderman and Andrej Horvat.

The newsletter Glas Planinke was established bringing the members news, updates, notices and photographs of their activities.

All the documentation from the Planinka Association was carefully archived and the Archive is cared for by Mirko Cuderman.

Slovenian language program on Radio 4EB FM was established in Brisbane in 1979 and is still broadcasting with the leader Vanesa Lahovec.




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