Slovenians in Queensland have already in 1952 started gathering and meeting socially, when they organized the first Slovenian evening entertainment with dancing. The then event odlbor (deceased Cyril Vuga, Janez Primožič and Jože Košorok) had the task to organize occasional Slovenian entertainment evening.
On 23rd of January i1955, the Society Planinka was established on the basis of the first to adopted rules.
First Slovenian Mass in South Brisbane was in 1956 at St. Mary’s Church.
In 1977, the Society purchased land, which is now called the “hill” or “Slovenian land” where we were in 1985 built a Slovenian home. In 1979, in Brisbane started Slovenian broadcast on radio station 4EB. At the time of the independence movement of Slovenia, a Slovenian National Council was established in Brisbane in 1990

From the very beginning the intention of the Planinka was to provide Slovenians with home entertainment in the evenings , culural events , games, sports competitions in bowling outings, as well as picnics. Until the hall was built, all the events were held in rented halls, where the Slovenian flag without the star was displayed.


Ladies section

Planinka members, especially wifes/ladies, always prepared food for the functions and celebrations.

Members of Planinka and friends loved coming to the dances, enriched with Slovenian music: LP records at times, later accordion players Franc Hartman and Tone Brožič, and some visiting bands. What a joy! Many times visiting Slovenian groups performed at the Planinka Slovenian home.

The hall is open every first Sunday of the month, hosting a picnic, as well as bowling picnic and meetings every third Sunday of the month.


Miklavž – St Nicholas celebrations

Every year St Nicholas visited children and adults at the premises, accompanied by the angels and devils. The role of St. Nicholas was fulfilled by the members: Jože Vah, Albin Orel, Franc Visočnik and Mirko Cuderman.



The Committee members were in charge of organising the social events, especially dances, sometimes with a special theme.

Most popular was the Pust dance (Pustovanje) – celebration of the Shrove Tuesday and Shrove Sunday with the Mascquerade Ball, full of fun, colourful characters and laughter.



Many Slovenians from other states visited the Planinka Association, as well as Church dignitaries and Slovenian and Australian representatives of the Government, international sports personalities and cultural representatives.

Cultural Life

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Sporting Life

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