Few Slovenians arrived in Queensland prior to the Second World War.

The first organized gathering of Slovenians took place in Brisbane 1952. BAFS Hall in George Street in the City was used for the first social Dances.

In 1955 the Slovenian Australian Association Planinka was established with about 45 financial members and the same hall in George St. was regularly used for first 12 years.

Slovenians in Queensland have feeling of being a large family. In 1977 the community in Brisbane purchased a block of land at 145 Redland Bay Rd. Cornubia which became popularly known a “hribček” – small hill. Volunteers build a Slovenian center on “hribček” with a hall, kitchen and covered ‘bocce’ bowling area. A number of visits of popular singers, musicians, entertainers and political leaders have come to be with us. Functions, Meetings, Stage plays, Concerts and picnics are held at the Planinka center.

Slovenian Australian Association Planinka Inc. is a non-profit organization that provides a friendly place of encounter for all Slovenians and their friends. You may come here for a chat, a social function, a sport event or cultural activities.

There is also Slovenian program on Community Radio 4 EB. This one-hour program in the Slovenian language is broadcast on Saturday from 6pm.

Mirko Cuderman

       Presidents and Committee Members of Planinka compiled by Mirko Cuderman

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   Mirko Cuderman: We are Queenslanders with permission by The  State of Queensland (Dept. of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander and Multicultural Affairs), 2015

   Slovenians in Queensland by Mirko Cuderman 
   60 Years of Planinka speach by Mirko Cuderman
   Notable Slovenians in Queensland by Mirko Cuderman
   Slovenski Dom by Mirko Cuderman

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